Thursday, June 5, 2008

Glad it's thursday

Today is already better than yesterday. Wednesday I was very busy at the show, with a million phone calls. Multi-tasking is difficult when you have 8 lines calling in while you're trying to finish a news or sports report. Jenna Fisher and Kirk Cameron came on.

The day turned out to be slow after the show. I was exhausted because of the show, so i went home and fell asleep for too long and felt grumpy for awhile after i woke up. I left home and went to josh's for awhile and ate with his family. The rest of the night was non eventful, but I got an email from Neil and I talked to Schelander(some good friends from school), so i felt better after hearing from them. Neil is the reason I started this blog again. This summer's going to go by so fast, and It's really difficult to keep writing in a journal with everything I want to say. I started this blog two years ago for a class project, but I'm going to start using it more often for writing.

Today I made a bio for Kevin Nealon, and then I also talked on the air today about "what guys are allowed to do that girls can't." The weather had three clips that had to be added today(the past two days we only had two, because paul poteet was really busy with all of these storms). I'll make some promos for the show tomorrow (i do them today in like 10 minutes), and then i get to go hang out with katie for the rest of the day.

Man I need a job.

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